Snow Removal Equipment

Machineries Forget offers a complete range of snow removal equipment for all types of trucks, tractors, loaders or graders. We manufacture several pieces of equipment on site and are also distributors of TENCO equipment since their very beginning in 1976.

MF Hitch with Wing

Machineries Forget manufactures a fully detachable hitch, available in two models, for 6-wheel or 10-wheel trucks. It detaches completely and quickly from the truck. The hitch has been designed in conjunction with a side wing for optimal compatibility.

  • Easily adapts to most trucks
  • Side wing with a Teflon interior to ensure weight reduction
  • Available with or without side wing post

Spreader MF 4 V.CU


  • Wings
  • Steel chute
  • Complete spinner with urethane disc
  • Left side-mounted ladder
  • Cross conveyor with left side discharge
  • Rear lights, stop, directional
  • Urethane paint
  • Rear door

MF Rear Scraper

We manufacture 9’ reversible rear scrapers with a right side 12” extension option. The plow is designed to be coupled to a quick-attach system on the back of the truck.

Machineries Forget has been distributing Tenco brand equipment since 1976. Please contact us for more information on the following Tenco products:

  • Hitch
  • Reversible plow
  • One-way plow
  • Side wing
  • Underbody scraper
  • Rear scraper
  • Slide-in spreader
  • Chassis mount spreader
  • Combination body (U-COMBO)
  • 12M Dump body/spreader 12M

We distribute SSTA brand extendable snow blades designed for tractors and loaders.

Normand snowblowers are also available at Machineries Forget. They are tailor-made for our Multihog brand multi-purpose tractors.

Machineries Forget offers a complete range of Fisher® brand plows and spreaders.

Fisher® plows features

Fisher® snowplows are equipped with a unique trip-edge design that allows to easily push and stack more snow. Only the edge of the blade tilts when it reaches an obstacle. The plowed snow, as it remains motionless, remains in the plow.

The Minute Mount 2 system makes it easier and faster than ever to attach and detach your snowplow! It only requires pulling the lock on the jack and handle to switch from the work truck to your traditional 4X4 in less than a minute.

The brand new dual-bulb INTENSEFIRE™ halogen headlamps, standard on all new FISHER® snowplows, now have separate cavities for dipped and main beam headlights. With reflectors designed specifically for each mode, the low and high beams work better than before.

The Insta-Act hydraulic system allows lifting and angle functions to be performed quickly and with minimum use of amperage. Choose the cabin control that best suits your needs; the handheld Fish-Stick or the compact Joystick controller.

The new Storm Guard powder coating process, now applied to all Fisher® snowplows, provides the best protection in the industry against wear and rust. The powder is applied by an automated process that ensures uniform coverage of all surfaces.

With the E Force isolation module, all electrical and lighting functions of the snowplow are operated directly from the vehicle’s battery, thus isolating the excavator’s electrical system from the vehicle system. The module provides under-the-hood protection for a series of electrical components and eliminates the need for a toggle switch to switch from the plow lights to the vehicle lights and back again. This system meets OEM requirements.

With 11 models and over 30 different configurations, there will certainly be a Fisher® snowplow to meet and exceed your expectations.


Fisher® Steel-Caster® Spreaders

Built with the experience of more than seven decades of battling tough New England ice storms, the Fisher® Steel-Caster™ stainless steel hopper spreader is the ultimate tool in ice control. Low maintenance and rust-resistant, this spreader is loaded with features to maximize control and minimize waste. Available in six sizes for pickup, dump body and flatbed trucks, the STEEL-CASTER hopper spreader is a de-icing machine engineered to own the ice.

The basic features of this spreader are: a corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame and conveyor, a system with two independent electric motors for the conveyor and spinner, a chain conveyor, an adjustable spinner plug, a dual pivot chute to allow dumping outside the vehicle, an adjustable feed gate, a steel top upper screen, an inverted V and simplified integration of accessories to the spreading controller.

Several accessories can be added to optimize the spreader’s performance and functionality: one or more work lights, one or more pairs of strobe lights at the rear corners, a vibrator installation kit, a 6-inch side extension and a 25 or 50-gallon pre-soaking kit.

These spreader models spread sand, salt, a combination of salt and sand or wet sand.

Fisher® Poly-Caster® Spreaders

The third generation of Fisher® Poly-Caster® spreaders offers rust-resistant polyethylene double walls, a stainless steel bottom and a low maintenance electrical operating mechanism, all resulting in the ultimate de-icing equipment.

Available in three sizes (1.5 v.cu., 1.8 v.cu. and 2.5 v.cu.), you will find a Poly-Caster® spreader to meet all your de-icing needs.

This spreader’s basic features are: a double polyethylene top panel which, when opened, provides an overflow protection, a system with two independent electric motors for the conveyor and spreading spinner, an upright storage for easier cleaning, a height adjustment system for the spreading spinner/chute, a chain conveyor, an adjustable feed gate and simplified integration of accessories with the spreading controller.

The proven design of the conveyor provides a reliable, consistent and smooth material flow. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel conveyor housing provides strength and rigidity. The flow of abrasive is regulated by the adjustable feed gate.

These spreader models can spread sand, salt and even a combination of salt and sand or wet sand.

Several accessories can be added to optimize the spreader’s performance and functionality: one or more work lights, one or more pairs of strobe lights at the rear corners, a vibrator installation kit and a 25 or 50-gallon pre-soaking kit.

The variable speed controller uses multiplex technology that provides quick diagnostics via an LED display and includes a warning when the spreader is empty. Four accessory buttons and a dedicated burst mode button provide optimal operating efficiency.

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