Snow Removal Equipment

Machineries Forget offers a complete range of snow removal equipment for all types of trucks, tractors, loaders or graders. We manufacture several pieces of equipment on site and are also distributors of Quebec brand Everest.

MF Hitch with Wing

Machineries Forget manufactures a fully detachable hitch, available in two models, for 6-wheel or 10-wheel trucks. It detaches completely and quickly from the truck. The hitch has been designed in conjunction with a side wing for optimal compatibility.

  • Easily adapts to most trucks
  • Side wing with a Teflon interior to ensure weight reduction
  • Available with or without side wing post

Spreader MF 4 V.CU


  • Wings
  • Steel chute
  • Complete spinner with urethane disc
  • Left side-mounted ladder
  • Cross conveyor with left side discharge
  • Rear lights, stop, directional
  • Urethane paint
  • Rear door

MF Rear Scraper

We manufacture 9’ reversible rear scrapers with a right side 12” extension option. The plow is designed to be coupled to a quick-attach system on the back of the truck.

Machineries Forget now distributes snow removal equipment from the Quebec brand Everest. Please contact us for more information on the following Everest products:

  • Hitch
  • Reversible plow
  • One-way plow
  • Side wing
  • Underbody scraper
  • Slide-in spreader
  • Chassis mount spreader
  • Municipal and highway spreader Bodies

We distribute SSTA brand extendable snow blades designed for tractors and loaders.

Normand snowblowers are also available at Machineries Forget. They are tailor-made for our Multihog brand multi-purpose tractors.